hatefully, adv.hatefulness, n.
/hayt"feuhl/, adj.
1. arousing hate or deserving to be hated: the hateful oppression of dictators.
2. unpleasant; dislikable; distasteful: She found her domestic chores hateful.
3. full of or expressing hate; malignant; malevolent: a hateful denunciatory speech.
[1300-50; ME; see HATE, -FUL]
Syn. 1. abominable, execrable, abhorrent, repugnant; invidious, loathsome. HATEFUL, OBNOXIOUS, ODIOUS, OFFENSIVE refer to something that causes strong dislike or annoyance. HATEFUL implies actually causing hatred or extremely strong dislike: The sight of him is hateful to me. OBNOXIOUS emphasizes causing annoyance or discomfort by objectionable qualities: His persistence made him seem obnoxious. His piggish manners made him obnoxious to his companions. ODIOUS emphasizes the disagreeable or displeasing: an odious little man; odious servility. OFFENSIVE emphasizes the distaste and resentment caused by something that may be either displeasing or insulting: an offensive odor, remark.
Ant. 1. likable, agreeable; commendable, praiseworthy.

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