Seph. Heb. /hahf tah rddah"/; Ashk. Heb. /hahf taw"rddeuh, -toh"-/, n., pl. Seph. Heb. Haftaroth, Haftarot /-tah rddawt"/, Ashk. Heb. Haftaros /-taw"rddohs, -toh"-/, Eng. Haftarahs. Judaism.
a portion of the Prophets that is chanted or read in the synagogue on the Sabbath and holy days immediately after the Parashah.
Also, Haphtarah.
[1890-95; < Heb Haphtarah lit., finish, ending]

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also spelled  Hafṭara, Haphṭarah, Hafṭorah, or Haphṭorah (Hebrew: “Conclusion”),  plural  Haftarot, Haftaroth, or Haftarahs,  

      selective reading from Old Testament prophets recited in Jewish synagogues during the morning service on the sabbath and on festivals (but during the afternoon service on fast days). Though Haftarot vary with various rites and no longer follow recommendations of the Mishna (the lawbook section of the Talmud), selections are generally chosen that relate to the Torah reading that immediately precedes. A benediction, praising God, who sent true prophets, introduces the Hafṭarah reading, and four benedictions follow, the last of which is omitted on fast days. Jewish boys often chant the Hafṭarah in the synagogue on the sabbath of their Bar Mitzvah. Of very ancient origin, Haftarot implicitly affirm the sanctity of the prophetic books, a view long rejected by Samaritans, who hold that the Pentateuch (Torah) (first five books of the Bible) alone is the inspired word of God.

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