/gun"l/, n.
any small eellike blenny of the family Pholididae (Pholidae), esp. Pholis gunnellus (rock gunnel), common in shallow waters of the North Atlantic. Also called bracketed blenny.
[1680-90; orig. uncert.]
/gun"l/, n. Naut.
[1425-75; ME. See GUNWALE]

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      any of the long, eellike fishes of the family Pholidae (order Perciformes). Gunnels have a long, spiny dorsal fin running the length of the body and pelvic fins that, if present, are very small. About eight species are found in the northern regions of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They usually live along shores. The species Pholis gunnellus, known as rock gunnel, butterfish (after its slipperiness), or rock eel, is a common European and eastern North American form. It is usually brownish with darker markings and up to about 30 cm (12 inches) long.

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