/gwah nah"koh/, n., pl. guanacos.
a wild South American ruminant, Lama guanicoe, of which the llama and alpaca are believed to be domesticated varieties: related to the camels.
[1595-1605; < Sp < Quechua wanaku]

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Slender-bodied South American lamoid (Lama guanacoe; see alpaca).

The guanaco has long legs and neck, a short tail, and large, pointed ears. It lives in small bands of females, usually led by a male, and grazes on grass and other plants, ranging from the snow line to sea level throughout the Andes Mountains from Peru and Bolivia to Tierra del Fuego. The adult stands 43 in. (110 cm) tall at the shoulder and is pale brown above and white below, with a grayish head. The downy fibre covering the young is valued for textiles, and guanaco pelts are used by the fur industry.

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 (Lama guanacoe), South American member of the camel family, Camelidae (order Artiodactyla), closely related to the alpaca, llama, and vicuña, which are known collectively as lamoids. Unlike camels, lamoids do not have the characteristic camel humps; they are slender-bodied animals with long legs and necks, short tails, small heads, and large, pointed ears. They graze on grass and other plants. When annoyed, they spit. Lamoids are able to interbreed and to produce fertile offspring.

      The guanaco, like the vicuña, is a wild lamoid that lives in small bands of females, usually led by a male. The guanaco ranges from the snow line to sea level throughout the Andes from Peru and Bolivia southward to Tierra del Fuego and other islands. The adult stands about 110 centimetres (43 inches) at the shoulder; it is pale brown above and white below, with a grayish head.

      The soft, downy fibre covering of the young, or guanaquito, comprises about 10 to 20 percent of the fleece and belongs to the group of textile fibres called speciality hair fibres (q.v.). Guanaco fibre, introduced for textile use in the mid-1900s, is valued for its rarity and soft texture and is used for luxury fabrics; it is considered to be finer than alpaca but coarser than vicuña. The pelts, especially of the guanaquito, resemble those of the red fox and are used by the fur industry, which provides the textile industry with waste fibre remaining after processing.

      Depending on the authority, the llama, alpaca, and guanaco may be classified as distinct species or as races of llama (Lama glama). Because of certain structural features, the vicuña is sometimes separated from the other lamoids as Vicugna vicugna.

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