/gran"ee/, n., pl. grannies, adj. grannier, granniest for 6.
1. Informal. a grandmother.
2. an elderly woman.
3. a fussy person.
4. Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. a nurse or midwife.
5. See granny knot.
6. of, pertaining to, or thought to be like a grandmother or an elderly or old-fashioned woman: granny notions about what's proper.
7. (of clothing for women or girls) being loose-fitted and having such features as high necklines, puff sleeves, long skirts, and ruffles and lace trimmings: a granny blouse; a granny nightgown.
Also, grannie.
[1655-65; GRAND(MOTHER) + -Y2, with -nd- > -nn-]

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