/gram"peuhs/, n., pl. grampuses.
1. a cetacean, Grampus griseus, of the dolphin family, widely distributed in northern seas.
2. any of various related cetaceans, as the killer whale, Orcinus (Orca) orca.
3. a giant whip scorpion common to Florida.
[1520-30; earlier grampoys, var. (by assimilation) of graundepose great fish, equiv. to graunde GRAND + pose, poys < MF pois, peis < L pisce- (s. of piscis) fish; r. ME gra(s)peis < MF L crassus piscis fat fish]

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also called  Risso's dolphin 
 a common offshore inhabitant of tropical and temperate ocean waters, a member of the dolphin family (Delphinidae). The grampus measures about 4 metres (approximately 13 feet) in length and has a blunt head and a distinct longitudinal forehead crease. It is unique among dolphins in usually having no upper teeth and from zero to seven teeth in the lower jaw. Older males are heavily scarred about the head and trunk, apparently owing to encounters with other grampuses.

      The term grampus is derived from the Latin terms for “great” (grandis) and “fish” (piscis), and it has been applied over the centuries to many large fish and also to some other cetaceans (cetacean)—including the killer whale (Orcinus orca), which is also a member of family Delphinidae.

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