glisteningly, adv.
/glis"euhn/, v.i.
1. to reflect a sparkling light or a faint intermittent glow; shine lustrously.
2. a glistening; sparkle.
[bef. 1000; ME glis(t)nen (v.), OE glisnian, deriv. of glisian to GLITTER; see -EN1]
Syn. 1. glimmer, gleam, glitter. GLISTEN, SHIMMER, SPARKLE refer to different ways in which light is reflected from surfaces. GLISTEN refers to a lustrous light, as from something sleek or wet, or it may refer to myriads of tiny gleams reflected from small surfaces: Wet fur glistens. Snow glistens in the sunlight. SHIMMER refers to the changing play of light on a (generally moving) surface, as of water or silk: Moonbeams shimmer on water. Silk shimmers in a high light. To SPARKLE is to give off sparks or small ignited particles, or to send forth small but brilliant gleams, sometimes by reflection: A diamond sparkles with numerous points of light.

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