/gib"zuyt/, n.
a mineral, hydrated aluminum oxide, Al2O33H2O, occurring in whitish or grayish crystals and masses: an important constituent of bauxite ore.
Also called hydrargillite.
[1815-25; named after George Gibbs (d. 1833), American mineralogist; see -ITE1]

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      the mineral aluminum hydroxide [Al(OH)3] an important constituent of bauxite (q.v.) deposits, particularly those in the Western Hemisphere, where it occurs as white, glassy crystals, earthy masses, or crusts. In significant deposits it is of secondary origin, but small-scale hydrothermal sources are known. Under extreme weathering conditions, it may develop from any aluminous material, especially feldspars and feldspathoids; it may form from these directly or from boehmite or after the intermediate formation of clay minerals. Gibbsite is prominent in bauxites from Arkansas, Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, West Africa, and India. Synthetic gibbsite is made from bauxite or high-alumina materials for use in the production of aluminum metal and alumina chemicals. For detailed physical properties, see oxide mineral (table).

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