/jib"euhr, gib"-/, v.i.
1. to speak inarticulately or meaninglessly.
2. to speak foolishly; chatter.
3. gibbering utterance.
[1595-1605; orig. uncert.; perh. freq. of gib (obs.) to caterwaul (see GIB2); sense and pronunciation influenced by assoc. with JABBER]

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▪ geological feature
      rock- and pebble-littered area of arid or semi-arid country in Australia. The rocks are generally angular fragments formed from broken up duricrust, usually silcrete, a hardened crust of soil cemented by silica (SiO2). The gravel cover may be only one rock fragment deep, or it may consist of several layers buried in fine-grained material that is thought to have been blown in. A gibber is generally considered a result of mechanical weathering because silica is almost inert to chemical weathering.

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