/jeuh ron"euh moh'/, n.
1. (Goyathlay), 1829-1909, American Apache Indian chief.
2. (a battle cry used by paratroopers, esp. during World War II, on jumping from a plane.)

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born June 1829, No-Doyohn Canyon, Mex.
died Feb. 17, 1909, Fort Sill, Okla., U.S.

Chiricahua Apache leader.

In the 1870s Geronimo led a revolt of 4,000 Apaches who had been forcibly removed by U.S. authorities to a barren reservation in east-central Arizona. Years of turmoil and bloodshed followed; Geronimo finally surrendered in 1884, only to escape with a band of followers. On a false promise of safe return to Arizona, Geronimo was arrested (1886) and put to hard labour. He was later placed on a reservation at Fort Sill, Okla.; there he dictated his autobiography, Geronimo: His Own Story.

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▪ Apache leader
Indian name  Goyathlay (“One Who Yawns”) 
born June 1829, No-Doyohn Canyon, Mex.
died Feb. 17, 1909, Fort Sill, Okla., U.S.
 Bedonkohe Apache leader of the Chiricahua Apache, who led his people's defense of their homeland against the military might of the United States.

      For generations the Apaches had resisted white colonization of their homeland in the Southwest by both Spaniards and North Americans. Geronimo continued the tradition of his ancestors from the day he was admitted to the warriors' council in 1846, participating in raids into Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico. He was further embittered by the death of his mother, wife, and children at the hands of Mexicans in 1858. He then rose to the leadership of a band of warriors by exhibiting extraordinary courage, determination, and skill in successive raids of vengeance upon Mexicans. In 1874 some 4,000 Apaches were forcibly moved by U.S. authorities to a reservation at San Carlos, a barren wasteland in east-central Arizona. Deprived of traditional tribal rights, short on rations, and homesick, they turned to Geronimo and others who led them in the depredations that plunged the region into turmoil and bloodshed.

      In the early 1870s Lieutenant Colonel George F. Crook (Crook, George), commander of the Department of Arizona, had succeeded in establishing relative peace in the territory. The management of his successors, however, was disastrous, and spurred by Geronimo, hundreds of Apaches left the reservation to resume their war against the whites. In 1882 Crook was recalled to Arizona to conduct a campaign against the Indians. Geronimo surrendered in January 1884, only to take flight from the San Carlos reservation in May 1885, accompanied by 35 men, 8 boys, and 101 women. Crook threw his best men into the campaign, and 10 months later, on March 27, 1886, Geronimo surrendered at Cañón de Los Embudos in Sonora. Near the border, however, fearing that they would be murdered once they crossed into U.S. territory, Geronimo and a small band bolted. As a result, Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles replaced Crook as commander on April 2.

      During this final campaign no fewer than 5,000 white soldiers and 500 Indian auxiliaries were employed at various times in the apprehension of Geronimo's small band. Five months and 1,645 miles later, Geronimo was tracked to his camp in the Sonora mountains. At a conference (Sept. 3, 1886) at Skeleton Canyon in Arizona, Miles induced Geronimo to surrender once again, promising him that, after an indefinite exile in Florida, he and his followers would be permitted to return to Arizona. The promise was not kept. Geronimo and his fellow prisoners were put at hard labour, and it was May 1887 before he saw his family. Moved to Fort Sill, in Oklahoma Territory, in 1894, he at first attempted to “take the white man's road.” He farmed and joined the Dutch Reformed Church, which expelled him because of his inability to resist gambling. He never saw Arizona again, but, by special permission of the War Department, he was allowed to sell photographs of himself and his handiwork at expositions. Before he died, he dictated to S.S. Barrett his autobiography, Geronimo: His Own Story.

Additional Reading
Among useful recent biographies are Odie B. Faulk, The Geronimo Campaign (1969); Alexander B. Adams, Geronimo (1971, reprinted 1990); and Angie Debo, Geronimo (1976).

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