geodesic dome

geodesic dome
a light, domelike structure developed by R. Buckminster Fuller to combine the properties of the tetrahedron and the sphere and consisting essentially of a grid of compression or tension members lying upon or parallel to great circles running in three directions in any given area, the typical form being the projection upon a sphere of an icosahedron, the triangular faces of which are filled with a symmetrical triangular, hexagonal, or quadrangular grid.

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 spherical form in which lightweight triangular or polygonal facets consisting of either skeletal struts or flat planes, largely in tension, replace the arch principle and distribute stresses within the structure itself. It was developed in the 20th century by American engineer and architect R. Buckminster Fuller (Fuller, R Buckminster).

      A geodesic dome may be supported by light walls, but unlike other large domes it can also be set directly on the ground as a complete structure. A large geodesic dome was used to house the United States exhibit at Expo 67 in Montreal in 1967. Among the dome's many design applications are sports arenas, theatres, greenhouses, and exhibition halls.

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