/gayt/, n., v., gated, gating.
1. a movable barrier, usually on hinges, closing an opening in a fence, wall, or other enclosure.
2. an opening permitting passage through an enclosure.
3. a tower, architectural setting, etc., for defending or adorning such an opening or for providing a monumental entrance to a street, park, etc.: the gates of the walled city; the palace gate.
4. any means of access or entrance: The gate to stardom is talent.
5. a mountain pass.
6. any movable barrier, as at a tollbooth or a road or railroad crossing.
7. a gateway or passageway in a passenger terminal or pier that leads to a place for boarding a train, plane, or ship.
8. a sliding barrier for regulating the passage of water, steam, or the like, as in a dam or pipe; valve.
9. Skiing.
a. an obstacle in a slalom race, consisting of two upright poles anchored in the snow a certain distance apart.
b. the opening between these poles, through which a competitor in a slalom race must ski.
10. the total number of persons who pay for admission to an athletic contest, a performance, an exhibition, etc.
11. the total receipts from such admissions.
12. Cell Biol. a temporary channel in a cell membrane through which substances diffuse into or out of a cell.
13. Motion Pictures. See film gate.
14. a sash or frame for a saw or gang of saws.
15. Metall.
a. Also called ingate. a channel or opening in a mold through which molten metal is poured into the mold cavity.
b. the waste metal left in such a channel after hardening.
16. Electronics.
a. a signal that makes an electronic circuit operative or inoperative either for a certain time interval or until another signal is received.
b. Also called logic gate. a circuit with one output that is activated only by certain combinations of two or more inputs.
17. get the gate, Slang. to be dismissed, sent away, or rejected.
18. give (someone) the gate, Slang.
a. to reject (a person), as one's fiancé, lover, or friend.
b. to dismiss from one's employ: They gave him the gate because he was caught stealing.
19. (at British universities) to punish by confining to the college grounds.
20. Electronics.
a. to control the operation of (an electronic device) by means of a gate.
b. to select the parts of (a wave signal) that are within a certain range of amplitude or within certain time intervals.
21. Metall. to make or use a gate.
[bef. 900; ME gat, gate, OE geat (pl. gatu); c. LG, D gat hole, breach; cf. GATE2]
/gayt/, n.
1. Archaic. a path; way.
2. North Eng. and Scot. habitual manner or way of acting.
[1150-1200; ME < ON gata path; perh. akin to OE geat GATE1; cf. GAT3]

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(as used in expressions)
Heaven's Gate

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▪ hydraulic engineering
      in hydraulic engineering, movable barrier for controlling the passage of fluid through a channel or sluice. River and canal locks have a pair of gates at each end. When closed, the gates meet at an obtuse angle that points upstream in order to resist the water pressure. When opened, they swing into recesses in the walls of the lock. Gates also regulate the outflow of water from storage reservoirs and through, around, or over dams. Leaf gates, planes perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow, open either by swinging about one hinged side or by sliding upward. Radial gates are segments of cylinders that lift entirely clear of the water. The rolling gate, often used on the crest of a dam, is raised by rolling it up the inclined face of a pier.

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