garden party

garden party
a party given out of doors in a garden or yard.

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  • garden-party — [ gardɛnparti ] n. f. • 1882; mot angl., de garden « jardin » et party « partie de plaisir » ♦ Anglic. Vieilli Réception mondaine donnée dans un grand jardin ou dans un parc. Des garden partys ou des garden parties. ● garden party, garden partys… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • Garden party — Garden Gar den (g[aum]r d n; 277), n. [OE. gardin, OF. gardin, jardin, F. jardin, of German origin; cf. OHG. garto, G. garten; akin to AS. geard. See {Yard} an inclosure.] 1. A piece of ground appropriated to the cultivation of herbs, fruits,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • garden party — garden parties N COUNT: usu sing A garden party is a formal party that is held out of doors, especially in a large private garden, during the afternoon …   English dictionary

  • garden party — (ingl.; pl. «garden partys» o «garden parties»; pronunc. [gárden pártis]) m. *Fiesta de sociedad celebrada en un jardín …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • garden party — garden .party n BrE a formal party for a lot of people which is held in a large garden in the afternoon …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • garden-party — /ɡardemˈparti, ingl. ˈɡɑːd(J)np2:tI/ [loc. ingl., letteralmente «ricevimento (party) in giardino (garden)»] loc. sost. m. inv. festa all aperto, ricevimento, trattenimento …   Sinonimi e Contrari. Terza edizione

  • garden party — {{/stl 13}}{{stl 8}}rz. n ndm {{/stl 8}}{{stl 7}} przyjęcie w ogrodzie : {{/stl 7}}{{stl 10}}Wybrać się na popołudniowe garden party w konsulacie. <ang.> {{/stl 10}} …   Langenscheidt Polski wyjaśnień

  • garden party — garden ,party noun count a formal party in a large yard for a lot of people …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • garden-party — |gárden párti| s. f. Divertimento ao ar livre (em jardim, tapada, etc.).   ‣ Etimologia: palavra inglesa …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

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