/ful"gyeuh ruyt'/, n.
a tubelike formation in sand or rock, caused by lightning.
[1825-35; < L fulgur (see FULGURATE) + -ITE1]

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      a glassy silica mineral (lechatelierite or amorphous SiO2) fused in the heat from a lightning strike. Fulgurite is a common mineral with two varieties. Sand fulgurites, the more common, are branching, more or less cylindrical tubes that are about one centimetre (one-half inch) to several centimetres in diameter; they are commonly less than 3 metres (10 feet) long but sometimes reach 20 m (66 ft). The central cavity is usually lined with glass, and the exterior shows adhering sand grains. The shores of Lake Michigan and the Atlantic coast are typical sites.

      Rock fulgurites, the other variety, are thin, glassy crusts on rocks. They generally occur on mountain summits, as at Toluca, Mex., and Mt. Thielsen, Oregon.

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