/frik"euh tiv/, Phonet.
1. (of a speech sound) characterized by audible friction produced by forcing the breath through a constricted or partially obstructed passage in the vocal tract; spirantal; spirant.
2. Also called spirant. a fricative consonant, as /th/, /v/, or /h/.
[1855-60; FRICAT(ION) + -IVE]

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      in phonetics, a consonant sound, such as English f or v, produced by bringing the mouth into position to block the passage of the airstream, but not making complete closure, so that air moving through the mouth generates audible friction.

      Fricatives (also sometimes called “spirants”) can be produced with the same positions of the vocal organs as stops; bilabial, labiodental, dental, alveolar, palatal, velar, and uvular consonants. In addition to the f and v sounds, examples of fricatives in English are s as in “sitter,” z as in “zebra,” and the two th sounds as in “think” and “this.”

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