free church

free church
1. (sometimes caps.) a church free from state control. Cf. established church.
2. (sometimes caps.) a dissenting or nonconforming church.
3. (caps.) Also, Free Kirk. (in Scotland) the church established by those who left the Church of Scotland in 1843.
[1825-35, Amer.]

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      generally, any Protestant religious body that exists in or originates in a land having a state church but that is itself free of governmental or external ecclesiastical control. Examples of such free churches are the Baptists in Scotland, where the established church is Presbyterian; the Presbyterians in England, where the Anglican Church is established; the Waldensian Church in Italy, where the Roman Catholic Church is established; and the Mission Covenant Church in Sweden, where the established church is Lutheran.

      In the narrower sense, the term free churches was first applied collectively to several nonepiscopal Protestant evangelical communions in England that convened the first Free Church Congress in 1892 and combined in 1896 to form the National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches. In 1940 this group merged with the Federal Council of the Evangelical Churches to form the Free Church Federal Council.

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