Fourth Republic

Fourth Republic
the republic established in France in 1945 and replaced by the Fifth Republic in 1958.

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Government of the French Republic from 1946 to 1958.

The postwar provisional president Charles de Gaulle resigned in 1946, expecting that public support would bring him back to power with a mandate to impose his constitutional ideas. Instead, the constituent assembly chose the Socialist Félix Gouin to replace him. The assembly submitted two draft constitutions to a popular vote in 1946, and the revision was narrowly approved. The structure of the Fourth Republic was remarkably like that of the Third Republic. The lower house of parliament, renamed the National Assembly, was the locus of power. Shaky coalition cabinets succeeded one another, and the lack of a clear-cut majority hampered coherent action. Political leaders included Georges Bidault, Pierre Mendès-France, René Pleven, and Robert Schuman.

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