/fawr"int/, n.
an aluminum coin and the monetary unit of Hungary, equal to 100 fillér. Abbr.: F., Ft.
[1945-50; < Hungarian < It fiorino. See FLORIN]

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▪ Hungarian currency
      monetary unit of Hungary. The Hungarian National Bank (Magyar Nezmeti Bank), which has the sole authority to issue currency, issues coins in denominations ranging from 1 to 100 forints and banknotes of 200 to 20,000 forints. The obverse of banknotes depicts historical rulers, including Kings Charles I (200-forint note), Matthias I (1,000-forint note), and Stephen I (10,000-forint note). The reverse side contains pictures of fountains, castles, and other historic structures.

      The forint was introduced as Hungary's monetary unit in 1946. After World War II the country began paying its debts through the printing of money, which created massive inflation. The forint's predecessor was the pengö, which was replaced at a rate of 400 quintillion pengö to 1 forint.

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