/fon"deuhnt/; Fr. /fawonn dahonn"/, n.
1. a thick, creamy sugar paste, the basis of many candies.
2. a candy made of this paste.
[1875-80; < F: lit., melting, prp. of fondre to melt, FOUND3]

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      confection of sugar, syrup, and water, and sometimes milk, cream, or butter, that is cooked and beaten so as to render the sugar crystals imperceptible to the tongue. The candy is characteristically glossy white in colour, velvety in texture, and plastic in consistency.

      Usually, as a first step in making fondant, sugar, corn syrup, and invert sugar, or sugar broken down by heat and graining retardants, are dissolved in water. The resulting mass is heated and beaten or agitated vigorously to dissolve the sugar further.

      Icings and confectionery centres made of fondant are predominantly sugar; the proportion of corn syrup is increased to make the chewier fondant used in coating bonbons.

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