field trial

field trial
1. a competition among sporting dogs under natural conditions in the field, in which the animals are judged on the basis of excellence of performance in hunting.
2. a trial of a new product or procedure to determine its efficiency or usefulness in actual performance.

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Competitive trial of sporting dogs under conditions that approximate or simulate those found in the hunting field.

Dogs representing individual breeds, or classes of breeds (e.g., bird dogs, spaniels, hounds), are judged on such factors as pace, range, keenness of nose, handling response, hunting ability, and game and gun manners.

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      any of the competitions among individual sporting dogs (dog), under conditions that approximate or simulate those found in the hunting field. Competing dogs need not necessarily be of the same breed. In the United States many of the field trials in the bird-dog (pointing dog) category are staged under the sanction of the American Kennel Club, the official governing body of dog shows. The majority, however, are held under the sponsorship of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America. In Great Britain field trials are sponsored by the Kennel Club. In both countries, winners in various stakes staged by the member clubs are eligible for regional and national amateur championship stakes. Various stakes are held, including puppy (for dogs not more than 18 months old), derby (not more than 30 months), all-age, shooting dog, and championship events. Novice and limited stakes are sometimes added to the program. Many events are confined to amateur handlers only.

      Dogs in bird-dog trials are judged on speed, range, hunting intelligence, handling response, game finding, game and gun manners, style, and intensity. Game birds involved in the U.S. are quail, pheasant, prairie chicken, grouse, and woodcock; those in Great Britain are grouse, partridge, and pheasant.

      In field trials for spaniels (spaniel) (springers and cockers), the dog should promptly stop at the flush and remain steady at the shot, staying until he is ordered to retrieve or resume hunting. The dogs are judged on pace, range, handling response, style, game finding, marking of fallen game, retrieving (promptness, tender-mouthed or hard-mouthed), carry of game, and steadiness to flush and shot. In field trials for retrievers, each dog is called upon to demonstrate tractability, steadiness under the guns, immediate handling response, and ability to mark fallen game.

      Field trials for hounds are intended to demonstrate hunting ability, keenness of nose, and ability to carry a trail. The heat winners run against each other until all have been eliminated except the four winning dogs. The first-place dog must have defeated the second-place dog, etc. This same system is used in field trials for basset hounds.

      In foxhound trials judges score the hounds on the basis of hunting and trailing, speed, driving, and endurance.

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