/feef/, n.
1. a fee or feud held of a feudal lord; a tenure of land subject to feudal obligations.
2. a territory held in fee.
3. fiefdom.
[1605-15; < F, var. of OF fieu, fie, c. AF fe FEE < Gmc; cf. OHG fihu, OE feoh cattle, property; akin to L pecu flock of sheep, pecus cattle, pecunia wealth]

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In European feudalism, a vassal's source of income, granted to him by his lord in exchange for his services.

The fief usually consisted of land and the labor of peasants who were bound to cultivate it. The income it provided supported the vassal, who fought for his lord as a knight. Dignities, offices, and money rents were also given in fief.

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      in European feudal society, a vassal's source of income, held from his lord in exchange for services. The fief constituted the central institution of feudal society (see feudalism). It normally consisted of land to which a number of unfree peasants were attached; the land was supposed to be sufficient to support the vassal and to secure his knight service for the lord. Its size varied greatly, according to the income it could provide. It has been calculated that a fief needed from 15 to 30 peasant families to maintain one knightly household. Fief sizes varied widely, ranging from huge estates and whole provinces to a plot of a few acres. Besides land, dignities and offices and money rents were also given in fief.

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