/fahrt"lek/, n.
a training technique, used esp. among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort loosely alternating with less strenuous activity.
[1950-55; < Sw fart speed + lek play]

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▪ distance-running training
      (Swedish: “Speed Play”), approach to distance-running training involving variations of pace from walking to sprinting aimed at eliminating boredom and enhancing the psychological aspects of conditioning. It was popularized by the Swedish Olympic coach Gosta Holmer after World War II and is used particularly by cross-country and long-distance track runners, usually in combination with other training methods. This type of training can be tailored to each individual's needs. Pace and terrain are continuously altered, with workouts ranging from about 20 minutes to several hours in length. The runner may employ such variations as short sprints, walking, running up inclines, running at a pace, or backward running.

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