expense account

expense account
an account of business expenditures, as travel, hotel room, meals, and entertainment connected with work, for which an employee will be reimbursed by an employer.

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  • expense account — ➔ account1 * * * expense account UK US noun [C] HR, ACCOUNTING ► an arrangement in which your employer pays for the things you need to buy while doing your job: »I can put this lunch on my expense account. »expense account fraud …   Financial and business terms

  • expense account — expense accounts N COUNT An expense account is an arrangement between an employer and an employee which allows the employee to spend the company s money on things relating to their job, for example travelling or looking after clients. He put… …   English dictionary

  • expense account — expense′ account n. bus an account of business expenditures for which an employee will be reimbursed • Etymology: 1870–75 …   From formal English to slang

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  • expense account — ☆ expense account n. 1. an arrangement whereby business related expenses of an employee are paid for by the employer 2. a record of such expenses …   English World dictionary

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  • expense account — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms expense account : singular expense account plural expense accounts a) a system that allows you to get back from your employer any of your own money that you have spent while working b) a record of this money …   English dictionary

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  • expense account — /ɪk spens əˌkaυnt/ noun an allowance of money which a business pays for an employee to spend on travelling and entertaining clients in connection with that business ● I can put this lunch on my expense account …   Marketing dictionary in english

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