/i ras"cheuh niz'euhm, -tee euh niz'-/, n.
the doctrine, advocated by Thomas Erastus, of the supremacy of the state over the church in ecclesiastical matters.
[1675-85; ERASTIAN + -ISM]

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      doctrine that the state is superior to the church in ecclesiastical matters. It is named after the 16th-century Swiss physician and Zwinglian theologian Thomas Erastus (Erastus, Thomas), who never held such a doctrine. He opposed excommunication as unscriptural, advocating in its stead punishment by civil authorities. The state, he held, had both the right and the duty to punish all offenses, ecclesiastical as well as civil, wherever all the citizens adhered to a single religion. The power of the state in religious matters was thus limited to a specific area. Erastianism acquired its present meaning from Richard Hooker's (Hooker, Richard) defense of secular supremacy in Of the lawes of ecclesiasticall politie (1593–1662) and as a result of debates held during the Westminster Assembly of 1643.

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