/en"feuh layd', -lahd', en'feuh layd", -lahd"/, n., v., enfiladed, enfilading.
1. Mil.
a. a position of works, troops, etc., making them subject to a sweeping fire from along the length of a line of troops, a trench, a battery, etc.
b. the fire thus directed.
2. Archit.
a. an axial arrangement of doorways connecting a suite of rooms with a vista down the whole length of the suite.
b. an axial arrangement of mirrors on opposite sides of a room so as to give an effect of an infinitely long vista.
3. Mil. to attack with an enfilade.
[1695-1705; < F, equiv. to enfil(er) to thread, string (en- EN-1 + -filer, deriv. of fil < L filum thread) + -ade -ADE1]

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