/en"duyv, ahn"deev/; Fr. /ahonn deev"/, n., pl. endives /-duyvz, -deevz/; Fr. /-deev"/.
1. a composite plant, Cichorium endivia, having a rosette of often curly-edged leaves used in salads. Cf. escarole.
2. Also called Belgian endive, French endive, witloof. a young chicory plant, deprived of light to form a narrow head of whitish leaves that are eaten as a cooked vegetable or used raw in salads.
3. Furniture. an ornamental motif having the form of an arrangement of acanthus or endive leaves.
[1325-75; ME < MF MGk entýbia, pl. of ENTÝBION, deriv. of earlier éntybon < L intubum, intibum, earlier intubus chicory, endive, perh. < Sem]

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Edible annual leafy plant (Cichorium endivia) of the composite family.

It is variously believed to have originated in Egypt and Indonesia, and it has been cultivated in Europe since the 16th century. The many kinds of endive form two groups: the curly or narrow-leaved endive (C. endivia, variety crispa) and the Batavian, or broad-leaved, endive (C. endivia, variety latifolia), which is also called escarole. The former is used mostly for salads, the latter for cooking.

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      (Cichorium endivia), edible annual leafy plant of the family Asteraceae, variously believed to have originated in Egypt and Indonesia and cultivated in Europe since the 16th century. Its many varieties form two groups, the curly-leaved, or narrow-leaved, endive (crispa), and the Batavian, or broad-leaved, endive (latifolia). The former is mostly used for salads, the latter for cooking.

      The plant requires a rich, light, well-drained, unshaded soil. When sown late in the season, it behaves as a biennial. About three months after sowing, the plant's outer leaves are tied together or are covered, to exclude light. This prevents the development of the natural bitter taste. This bleaching process takes 10 days to 4 weeks.

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