a suffix formerly used to form transitive and intransitive verbs from adjectives (fasten; harden; sweeten), or from nouns (heighten; lengthen; strengthen).
[ME, OE -n- (as in ME fast-n-en, OE faest-n-ian to make fast, fasten); c. -n- of like verbs in other Gmc languages (ON fastna)]
a suffix used to form adjectives of source or material from nouns: ashen; golden; oaken.
[ME, OE; c. OHG -in, Goth -eins, L -inus; see -INE1]
a suffix used to mark the past participle in many strong and some weak verbs: taken; proven.
[ME, OE; c. G -en, ON -inn]
a suffix used in forming the plural of some nouns: brethren; children; oxen.
[ME; OE -an, case ending of n-stem nouns, as in naman obl. sing., and nom. and acc. pl. of nama name; akin to n-stem forms in other IE languages, as in L nomen, nomin- name]
a diminutive suffix: kitten; maiden.
[ME, OE, from neut. of -EN2]

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