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  • cruciately — adverb see cruciate I * * * ˈcruciately, adv. In a cruciate manner; so as to resemble a cross; crosswise …   Useful english dictionary

  • cruciately — cru·ci·ate·ly …   English syllables

  • cruciate — cruciately, adv. /krooh shee it, ayt /, adj. 1. cross shaped. 2. Bot. having the form of a cross with equal arms, as the flowers of mustard. 3. Entomol. crossing diagonally when at rest, as the wings of certain insects. [1675 85; < NL cruciatus,… …   Universalium

  • Basidium — A basidium (pl., basidia) is a microscopic, spore producing structure found on the hymenophore of fruiting bodies of basidiomycete fungi. The presence of basidia is one of the main characteristic features of the Basidiomycota. A basidium usually… …   Wikipedia

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