Edward VII

Edward VII
(Albert Edward) ("the Peacemaker")
1841-1910, king of Great Britain and Ireland 1901-10 (son of Queen Victoria).

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born Nov. 9, 1841, London, Eng.
died May 6, 1910, London

King of the United Kingdom (1901–10).

Son of Queen Victoria, he attended Oxford and Cambridge and in 1863 married Alexandra (1844–1925), daughter of Christian IX. Noted for his interest in racing and yachting and his sometimes scandalous personal behavior, he was excluded by Victoria from most affairs of state until he was over 50 years old. He succeeded to the throne on her death, and his reign helped restore luster to the monarchy after her long seclusion as a widow. An immensely popular sovereign, he helped pave the way for the Entente Cordiale with his state visit to Paris in 1903.

Edward VII

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▪ king of Great Britain and Ireland
born Nov. 9, 1841, London
died May 6, 1910, London
 king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British dominions and emperor of India from 1901, an immensely popular and affable sovereign and a leader of society.

      The second child and eldest son of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Albert Edward, created prince of Wales and earl of Chester by his mother when he was one month old, attended the universities of both Oxford and Cambridge. His dalliance with an actress while serving with an Army unit in Ireland (June–September 1861) caused Victoria to hold him partly responsible for the death of the prince consort, who had indeed taken his son's brief liaison much to heart before succumbing to typhoid (Dec. 14, 1861). Subsequently, Victoria excluded her heir from any real initiation into affairs of state. Not until he was more than 50 years old was he informed of Cabinet proceedings.

      On March 10, 1863, the prince of Wales married Alexandra, eldest daughter of Prince Christian (later King Christian IX) of Denmark. Five children of this union survived to maturity (George, duke of York, subsequently King George V, was the second son). Alexandra was preoccupied with her immediate family, but the prince moved in a considerably wider circle, both at home and on the Continent, becoming a familiar figure in the sporting world. He was particularly given to racing, yachting, and game-bird shooting. His social activities involved him in several scandals.

      He succeeded to the throne as Edward VII following Victoria's death on Jan. 22, 1901, and was crowned on Aug. 9, 1902. His reign did much to restore lustre to a monarchy that had shone somewhat dimly during Victoria's long seclusion as a widow. In 1902 he resumed his tours of Europe. His geniality and felicitously worded addresses (conducted in French) during a state visit to Paris in 1903 helped pave the way, by winning popularity among French citizens of all ranks, for the Anglo-French Entente Cordiale of 1904. Relations with his nephew the German emperor William II were not always easy, either officially or personally. Although incapable of prolonged mental exertion, Edward was fortunate in his judgment of men. His support for the great military reforms of the secretary of state for war, Richard Burdon (later Viscount) Haldane, and for the First Sea Lord Sir John Fisher in his naval reforms did much to avert British unpreparedness when World War I started.

Additional Reading
Sir Sidney Lee, King Edward VII, 2 vol. (1925–27), is a highly detailed official biography, completed after Lee's death by his secretary, S.F. Markham. Sir Philip Magnus, King Edward the Seventh (1964), draws on sources that became available after Lee's death and is less reticent than Lee about Edward's private life. Gordon Brook-Shepherd, Uncle of Europe (1975), covers Edward's social life and diplomatic activities.

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