drying oil

drying oil
any of a group of oily, organic liquids occurring naturally, as linseed, soybean, or dehydrated castor oil, or synthesized, that when applied as a thin coating absorb atmospheric oxygen, forming a tough, elastic layer.

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      unsaturated fatty oil, either natural (such as linseed oil) or synthetic, that when spread into a thin film becomes hard, tough, and elastic upon exposure to the air. Drying oils are used as vehicles in paints, varnishes, and printing inks.

      In the 2nd century AD, the Greek physician Galen wrote of the use of nut oils—e.g., hempseed and linseed oils—as drying oils. In the 6th century AD, another Greek physician, Aëtius, mentioned that certain nut oils could be used as a protective coating. The art of using drying oils for this purpose grew rapidly thereafter.

      Chemical drying oils began to be used much later. The Flemish masters Hubert and Jan van Eyck were the first to use drying oils as a vehicle in oil painting in the early 15th century. The films deposited by drying oils may lose some of their elasticity upon aging.

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