/dray/, n.
1. a low, strong cart without fixed sides, for carrying heavy loads.
2. a sledge or sled.
3. any vehicle, as a truck, used to haul goods, esp. one used to carry heavy loads.
4. to convey on a dray.
5. to drive or operate a dray, esp. as an occupation.
6. to convey goods by dray, esp. locally or for short distances.
[1325-75; ME draye sledge; cf. OE draeg- (in draegnet dragnet), akin to dragan to DRAW]

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      the heaviest type of dead-axle wagon used in conjunction with a team of draft animals. Drays were either of the two- or four-wheeled type and were employed most often in and about cities for the transport of heavy loads or objects such as large machines. Features of the dray included smaller wheels than those used on other wagons, a flat, level floor, and, usually, no sides. Some drays, however, did have box bodies or stake sides. Machinery trucks, floats, and transfer wagons were specialized varieties of drays.

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