doubtlessness, n.
/dowt"lis/, adv. Also, doubtlessly.
1. without doubt; certainly; surely; unquestionably.
2. probably or presumably.
3. free from doubt or uncertainty; certain, sure.
[1300-50; ME douteles. See DOUBT, -LESS]
Syn. 1, 2. DOUBTLESS, UNDOUBTEDLY, INDUBITABLY, UNQUESTIONABLY are adverbs that express certainty. DOUBTLESS, although it sometimes denotes an absolute degree of certainty, more often means "probably," "presumably," or "no doubt": She will doubtless accept the offer. UNDOUBTEDLY means "beyond doubt": undoubtedly the most prolific and popular composer of his time.
INDUBITABLY and UNQUESTIONABLY both affirm an unassailable conviction; they differ only in tone, INDUBITABLY being appropriate to more formal or learned discourse and UNQUESTIONABLY appropriate in a wider range of contexts and styles: an indubitably (or unquestionably) accurate transliteration of the hieroglyphic text; unquestionably the hottest running back in the league.

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