dipodic /duy pod"ik/, adj.
/dip"euh dee/, n., pl. dipodies. Pros.
a group of two feet, esp., in accentual verse, in which one of the two accented syllables bears primary stress and the other bears secondary stress.
[1835-45; < LL dipodia < Gk: the quality of having two feet, equiv. to dipod- (s. of dípous) two-footed (see DI-1, -POD) + -ia -Y3]

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      in classical prosody, a pair of metrical feet (foot) that is taken as a single unit. Trochaic (trochee), iambic (iamb), and anapestic (anapest) verse are all measured by dipodies. In them a monometer consists of one dipody (or two feet), a dimeter of four feet, a trimeter of six feet, and a tetrameter of eight feet. When trochaic or iambic verse is measured by single feet it is called tripody (three feet), tetrapody (four feet), hexapody (six feet).

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