/duy fos"jeen/, n. Chem.
a colorless liquid, C2Cl4O2, usually derived from methyl formate or methyl chloroformate by chlorination: a World War I poison gas now used chiefly in organic synthesis. Also called trichloromethyl chloroformate.
[1920-25; DI-1 + PHOSGENE]

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      in chemical warfare, poison gas widely used by Germany during World War I. Its chemical name is trichloromethyl chloroformate, and it is a colourless, moderately persistent, poisonous, organic compound, the odour of which is likened to that of newly mown hay. It is easily condensable to a liquid. In gaseous form, it is a respiratory irritant that is often lethal. It irritates and inflames the inner part of the bronchial tubes and lungs and causes steady coughing, difficulty in breathing, and, frequently, acute pulmonary edema. It was first used in December 1915.

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