/duy"oh on'/, n.
any of several Mexican and Central American palmlike plants belonging to the genus Dioon, of the cycad family, having a crown of stiff, pinnate leaves.
[ < NL (1843) < Gk di- DI-1 + oión egg; so named because the seeds are borne in pairs]

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▪ plant genus
      a New World genus of cycads (family Zamiaceae). It is the most primitive American genus in the family and includes about 10 species, all of which grow in Mexico and Central America. The spiny-leaved, slow-growing giant dioon (D. spinulosum) may attain a height of 15 metres (about 50 feet). It is a popular house plant and is grown outdoors as an ornamental in warmer climates. Starch like that of arrowroot is obtained from the seeds of D. edule.

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