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  • abrasively — abrasive ► ADJECTIVE 1) capable of polishing or cleaning a hard surface by rubbing or grinding. 2) harsh or rough in manner. ► NOUN ▪ a substance used for abrading. DERIVATIVES abrasively adverb abrasiveness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • abrasively — adverb see abrasive II …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • abrasively — adverb /əˈbreɪsɪvli/ a) In an abrasive manner; in a rude and unkind manner; acting in a way that may hurt other peoples feelings. b) Hardly; roughly; in a rough manner …   Wiktionary

  • abrasively — É™ breɪsɪvlɪ adv. in an abrasive manner, harshly, roughly …   English contemporary dictionary

  • abrasively — See: abrasive …   English dictionary

  • abrasively — abrāˈsively adverb • • • Main Entry: ↑abrasion …   Useful english dictionary

  • abrasive — abrasively, adv. abrasiveness, n. /euh bray siv, ziv/, n. 1. any material or substance used for grinding, polishing, etc., as emery, pumice, or sandpaper. adj. 2. tending to abrade; causing abrasion; abrading. 3. tending to annoy or cause ill… …   Universalium

  • abrasive — I. noun Date: 1853 a substance (as emery or pumice) used for abrading, smoothing, or polishing II. adjective Date: 1875 1. tending to abrade 2. causing irritation < abrasive manners > • abrasively adverb • abrasiveness …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Art colony — See also Artist collective An art colony or artists colony is a place where creative practitioners live and interact with one another. Artists are often invited or selected through a formal process, for a residency from a few weeks to over a year …   Wikipedia

  • Museology — The Enlightenment Room of the British Museum, restored to show the Age of Enlightenment conception of a museum. Museology is the diachronic study of museums and how they have establi …   Wikipedia

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