/den"ti keuhl/, n.
a small tooth or toothlike part.
[1350-1400; ME < L denticulus, equiv. to denti- DENTI- + -culus -CLE1]

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      part of a conodont, a small toothlike fossil found in marine rocks representative of a long span of geologic time. Although they resemble cusps, denticles are generally smaller than distinct cusps and vary greatly in shape and structure. Denticles may be spaced closely to each other or separated by gaps of varying size; they may be distinctly formed or partially fused to each other. In shape, denticles may be needlelike, spiny, or saw-toothed. In some conodonts, denticles are completely absent, and the major part of the conodont consists of a single cusp. The form, number, and arrangement of denticles are frequently distinctive and characteristic of particular kinds of conodonts. In some forms, denticles are present as single straight, or almost straight, rows. In others, the denticles may be curved or even split into several branches. The earlier conodont forms that possess denticles generally consist of a main bar that supports the denticle row and the main cusp. In later forms, the main cusp and denticle row are flanked by a platform on either side.

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