/dent/, n.
1. a hollow or depression in a surface, as from a blow.
2. a noticeable effect, esp. of reduction: to leave a dent in one's savings; a dent in one's pride.
3. make a dent, Informal. to cause a person to take heed; make an impression: The doctor told him to stop smoking, but it didn't make a dent.
4. make a dent in, to show initial progress; pass an initial stage of (work, thought, solving a problem, etc.): I haven't even made a dent in this pile of work.
5. to make a dent in or on; indent: The impact dented the car's fender.
6. to have the effect of reducing or slightly injuring: The caustic remark dented his ego.
7. to show dents; become indented: Tin dents more easily than steel.
8. to sink in, making a dent: Nails dent into metal.
[1250-1300; ME dente, var. of DINT]
/dent/, n.
1. a toothlike projection, as a tooth of a gearwheel.
2. Textiles. the space between two wires through which the warp ends are drawn in the reed of a loom.
[1545-55; < MF < L dent- (s. of dens) TOOTH]

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