/deel/, v., dealt, dealing, n.
1. to occupy oneself or itself (usually fol. by with or in): Botany deals with the study of plants. He deals in generalities.
2. to take action with respect to a thing or person (fol. by with): Law courts must deal with lawbreakers.
3. to conduct oneself toward persons: He deals fairly.
4. to be able to handle competently or successfully; cope (fol. by with): I can't deal with your personal problems.
5. to trade or do business (fol. by with or in): to deal with a firm; to deal in used cars.
6. to distribute, esp. the cards in a game (often fol. by out): to deal out five hands of six cards each; your turn to deal.
7. Slang. to buy and sell drugs illegally.
8. Archaic. to have dealings or commerce, often in a secret or underhand manner (often fol. by with): to deal with the Devil.
9. to give to one as a share; apportion: Deal me in.
10. to distribute among a number of recipients, as the cards required in a game: Deal five cards to each player.
11. Cards. to give a player (a specific card) in dealing: You dealt yourself four aces.
12. to deliver; administer: to deal a blow.
13. Slang. to buy and sell (drugs) illegally.
14. Slang. to trade (an athlete) to another team.
15. deal off,
a. Poker. to deal the final hand of a game.
b. Slang. to get rid of or trade (something or someone) in a transaction.
16. deal someone in, Slang. to include: He was making a lot of dough in the construction business so I got him to deal me in.
17. a business transaction: They closed the deal after a week of negotiating.
18. a bargain or arrangement for mutual advantage: the best deal in town.
19. a secret or underhand agreement or bargain: His supporters worked a number of deals to help his campaign.
20. Informal. treatment received in dealing with another: He got a raw deal.
21. an indefinite but large quantity, amount, extent, or degree (usually prec. by good or great): a good deal of work; a great deal of money.
22. Cards.
a. the distribution of cards to the players in a game.
b. the set of cards in one's hand.
c. the turn of a player to deal.
d. the period of time during which a deal is played.
23. an act of dealing or distributing.
24. (cap.) an economic and social policy pursued by a political administration: the Fair Deal; the New Deal.
25. Obs. portion; share.
26. cut a deal, Informal. to make an agreement, esp. a business agreement: Networks have cut a deal with foreign stations for an international hookup.
[bef. 900; (v.) ME delen, OE daelan (c. G teilen), deriv. of dael part (c. G Teil); (n.) in part deriv. of the v.; (in defs. 21 and 25) ME deel, del(e), OE dael]
Syn. 3. act, behave. 5. traffic. 10. allot, assign, dole; mete, dispense. 18. pact, contract.
/deel/, n.
1. a board or plank, esp. of fir or pine, cut to any of various standard sizes.
2. such boards collectively.
3. fir or pine wood.
4. made of deal.
[1375-1425; late ME dele < MLG or MD; see THILL]

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      town, Dover district, administrative and historic county of Kent, England, on the English Channel. The town has a natural roadstead harbour, the Downs, enclosed by the North and South Forelands and the perilous Goodwin Sands.

      It is claimed that Julius Caesar landed there in 55 BC. In 1539 Henry VIII built Deal, Sandown, and Walmer castles, all within the modern town. Walmer, official residence of the lord warden of the Cinque Ports, and Deal are still extant; Sandown was destroyed by the sea. The presence of these castles, and the siltation of the town's rival, Sandwich, led to a considerable growth in Deal's mercantile trade. The Downs was the scene of naval battles between the Spanish and Dutch (1639) and the English and Dutch (1666). In 1682 William Penn sailed from Deal on his first voyage to America.

      During the 19th century the town became a popular holiday resort. Although still predominantly maritime in character, with important fishing and boatbuilding activities, the town also lies near Betteshanger, which was the largest of the Kent collieries, and has attracted light industries. Pop. (2001) 29,248.

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