/dag"euhr/, n.
1. a short, swordlike weapon with a pointed blade and a handle, used for stabbing.
2. Also called obelisk. Print. a mark (†) used esp. for references.
3. look daggers at, to look at angrily, threateningly, or with hate.
4. to stab with or as if with a dagger.
5. Print. to mark with a dagger.
[1350-1400; ME, prob. alter. of OF dague, of obscure orig.; cf. DAG1]

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      short stabbing knife, ostensibly the diminutive of the sword, though in ancient and medieval times the distinction between a long dagger and a short sword was often obscure. From approximately 1300 the European dagger was consistently differentiated from the sword; in the 16th century a school of fencing developed in which a specially designed dagger with a large guard was held in the left hand and used for parrying.

      Its convenient size made the dagger inconspicuous to wear and easy to draw, giving it advantages over the sword in many situations. The types include the wavy-bladed Malayan kris, the short, curved kukri used by the Gurkhas, the Hindu katar with its flat triangular blade, as well as innumerable others.

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