/sith"euhr euh, si thear"euh/, n.

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Modern Greek  Kíthira  

      island, southernmost and easternmost of the Ionian Islands, off the southern Peloponnesus (Pelopónnisos). It is an eparkhía (eparchy) of Attiki nomós (department), Greece. A continuation of the Taiyetos Range, the island has a mountainous interior, rising to 1,663 feet (507 metres). The capital, Kíthira (or Khóra), is on the southern coast.

      Exportation of murex, a purple dye obtained from a species of mollusk, was responsible for the island's ancient name, Porphyrusa (Greek porphyra, “purple”); but a lack of natural harbours precluded the island from gaining political importance. Cythera was also noted in ancient times for its local cult of Aphrodite. As a Spartan outpost the island was subdued (424 BC) by Athens during the Peloponnesian War. After the Fourth Crusade (1204) it was subjected to frequent incursions; in 1537 the island's inhabitants were sold into slavery. In 1717 Venice took over the island, renaming it Cerigo. Thereafter its history is largely that of the Ionian Islands. The island produces small amounts of wheat, barley, grapes, olives, and olive oil. There are daily flights to Athens from the island.

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