/sis'teuh noor"ee euh, -nyoor"-/, n. Pathol.
an inherited metabolic disorder that results in the excessive excretion of certain amino acids, esp. cystine, in the urine.
[1850-55; CYSTINE + -URIA]

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      hereditary error of metabolism characterized by the excessive excretion into the urine of four amino acids: cystine, lysine, arginine, and ornithine. The main clinical problem of cystinuria is the possibility of cystine stone formation in the kidney; (kidney) unlike lysine, arginine, and ornithine, which are freely soluble, cystine is only slightly soluble in urine, and when urine volume decreases, particularly at night, this amino acid may form stones. These may be reduced or eliminated by forcing fluids, alkalization, or, in severe cases, dietary restriction of foods containing methionine and cystine. Cystinuria is believed to be caused by a genetic defect in the transport system of the kidney tubule, which normally reabsorbs the four amino acids into the body circulation. In some forms of cystinuria, intestinal transport may be similarly affected. It is estimated that approximately one in 600 persons excretes abnormally large quantities of cystine, which can be detected by a simple test. Cystinuria is transmitted by an autosomal recessive gene: unaffected carriers of the trait who mate may expect, on the basis of chance, to have one affected offspring out of four.

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