/sim"beuh leen'/, n.
a romantic drama (1610?) by Shakespeare.

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▪ work by Shakespeare
      comedy in five acts by William Shakespeare (Shakespeare, William), one of his later plays, written in 1608–10 and published in the First Folio of 1623 from a careful transcript of an authorial manuscript incorporating a theatrical playbook that had included many authorial stage directions. Set in the pre-Christian Roman world, Cymbeline draws its main theme, that of a wager by a husband on his wife's fidelity, from a story in Giovanni Boccaccio (Boccaccio, Giovanni)'s Decameron.

      In the play Cymbeline, the king of Britain, decides that his daughter, Imogen, must marry his horrid stepson Cloten. When Cymbeline learns that Imogen is secretly married to Posthumus, he banishes Posthumus, who heads for Rome. In a conversation with a villainous Italian, Iachimo, Posthumus finds himself drawn unwisely into betting Iachimo that Imogen's fidelity to her marriage is unassailable. Journeying to England, Iachimo furtively obtains from the sleeping Imogen a token that he uses to convince Posthumus of her infidelity. Posthumus sends a servant to kill Imogen, but the servant instead warns her of the plan. Disguising herself as a young boy (Fidele), she sets out for Rome but loses her way in Wales. There she encounters Belarius and her two brothers, whom she had believed dead (Belarius had kidnapped Cymbeline's sons in retribution for his unjust banishment). Posthumus (who has left Rome), Imogen, and her brothers are caught up in the advance of the Roman army, which has come to collect the tribute that Cymbeline has refused to pay to Rome. The forces clash, and Cymbeline's army is victorious, largely because of the valour of Posthumus, Cymbeline's sons, and Belarius. A lengthy series of revelations and explanations ensue. Posthumus and Imogen are reunited; Cymbeline's now-dead queen is revealed to have been thoroughly wicked; her son Cloten has died at the hands of one of Cymbeline's sons; and Cymbeline is reconciled to all his beleaguered family and to Belarius as well.

      For a discussion of this play within the context of Shakespeare's entire corpus, see William Shakespeare: Shakespeare's plays and poems (Shakespeare, William).

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