• 101Behind Bars. Design for Caf&# 233;s&Bars (2007)
    Behind Bars, dgv’s first release in collaboration with Frame Publishers, features 40 innovative venues located in every corner of the world. An inspiring compilation, the book covers a broad… 4606 руб

  • 102Fifty (+ DVD) , Diesel (2005)
    Fifty, published in celebration of its president and founder Renzo Rosso’s 50th birthday, is a book that displays the unique Diesel creativity, attitude, lifestyle and philosophy reflected in its… 11191 руб

  • 103Wonderland , R. Klanten (2004)
    Wonderland is a compilation of the very latest inspiring and surprising graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art from around the world. Focusing on dreams, the imagination, the surreal… 2935 руб

  • 104My Immortal , Erin McCarthy (2007)
    In the late eighteenth century, plantation owner Damien du Bourg struck an unholy bargain with a fallen angel: an eternity of inspiring lust in others for the gift of immortality. But when Marley… 607 руб

  • 105Inside the Not So Big House , Sarah Susanka (2007)
    Americas favorite home architect Sarah Susanka takes an up-close look at the well-crafted details that can be used to personalize any home, whether new or remodeled. Susanka illustrates these… 2062 руб

  • 106Crop Circles , Pringle Lucy (2007)
    Whether they are scientific enigmas, paranormal phenomena, mischievous hoaxes or inspired land art, the scale, beauty and mathematical and symbolic complexity of crop circles continues to astound… 1662 руб

  • 107The Bigger Picture: 30 Years of Portraits , Diane Walker (2007)
    "The Bigger Picture" is a book of portraits - but not just any portraits! These are pictures of people who have achieved greatness in every walk of life - politics, entertainment, art, music… 3068 руб

  • 108Classique: Cover Art for Classical Music , Horst Scherg (2008)
    "Classique" introduces 777 of the most inspiring classical LP covers from their heyday, documenting groundbreaking art work and cover culture that is typical for the epoch. In the same way that an… 5027 руб

  • 109Searching for Schindler , Thomas Keneally (2009)
    The extraordinary tale of Oskar Schindler, the Aryan who saved hundreds of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland, is now legendary, but as Tom Keneally reveals in this absorbing memoir, luck and the dogged… 1112 руб

  • 110Activate! A2 Grammar and Vocabulary Book , Kathryn Alevizos (2010)
    An exciting and intensive exams preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life with the inspiring DVD, Activate! offers… 1311 руб