• 71Greifenstein , F. Marion Crawford (1893)
    Greifenstein saw before him a tall man, with abundant white hair and a snowy beard, of bronzed complexion, evidently strong in spite of his years, chiefly remarkable for the heavy black eyebrows that… 1315 руб

  • 72A Terrible Temptation , Charles Reade (1885)
    Terror-stricken, and pale as death, Lady Bassett never lost her head for a moment. Indeed, she showed unexpected fire; she sent off coachman and grooms to scour the country and rouse the gentry to… 1321 руб

  • 73Essays Of Travel , Robert Louis Stevenson (1891)
    We have come here for the river. And no sooner have we all bathed than we board the two shallops and push off gaily, and go gliding under the treesand gathering a great treasure of water-lilies. Some… 1310 руб

  • 74Old French Romances , William Morris (1914)
    Therewith they went their ways to the Court of the Count and found him not there, because he was gone to Bericain to visit Amis his fellow, and comfort him of the death of his father. And when he… 689 руб

  • 75Tales Of Men And Ghosts , Edith Wharton (1914)
    Down his spine he felt the man's injured stare. Mr. Granice had always been so mild-spoken to his people -- no doubt the odd change in his manner had already been noticed and discussed below stairs… 1484 руб

  • 76A Mummer's Wife , George Moore (1887)
    It seemed to Kate that the play was never going to begin, so long had she been kept waiting. She did not consult Hender, but possessed her soul in patience till a thin young man came up from under… 1314 руб

  • 77The Woman in White , Wilkie Collins (2011)
    HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.'The woman who first gives life, light, and form to our shadowy conceptions of beauty, fills a void in our spiritual… 232 руб

  • 78The Family , Cole Martina (2012)
    Devastatingly powerful and utterly unforgettable, THE FAMILY will hook you in from the very first page, and keep you there till the very last. Phillip Murphy is a family man. He worships his old mum… 668 руб

  • 79The Count of Monte Cristo , Dumas Alexandre (2008)
    Falsely accused of treason, the young sailor Edmond Dant&# 232;s is arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned in the island fortress of the Ch&# 226;teau d'If. Having endured years of incarceration… 555 руб

  • 80A history of England. Vol. 2 , Oliver Goldsmith (1812)
    Полный вариант заголовка: «A history of England : Vol. 2 : in a series of letters from a nobleman to his son to which is added a continuation till the present time / written by… руб электронная книга