• 91Digital Photography Month by Month , Tom Ang (2016)
    From photographing a dew drop in spring to a beautiful winter frost you can now follow your hobby throughout the year with Digital Photography Month by Month. Be inspired as renowned photographer Tom… 2033 руб

  • 92The Abominable , Dan Simmons (2014)
    June 1924. On the brutal North East Ridge of Mount Everest, famous adventurers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine vanish into the snow-whipped night. Daredevil explorer Richard Deacon devises a plan to… 709 руб

  • 93Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favourite Songs , Erik Didriksen (2015)
    Think modern pop music is missing a little poetry? Prefer rhyme schemes to the club scene? Wait for the volta more often than the drop? If so, Pop Sonnets is the anthology for you. From ABBA, The… 1083 руб

  • 94Prague Fatale
    Bernie Gunther returns to his desk on homicide from the horrors of the Eastern Front to find Berlin changed, and for the worse. He begins to investigate the death of a railway worker, but is obliged… 526 руб

  • 95Monster High: Who&# 039;s That Ghoulfriend? , Гэтти Данэшвари (2013)
      From the back cover: Where are all the drop-dead gorgeous spiderwebs coming from ? And who&# 039;s that ghoul hiding in the attic of Monster Hight? The 3 ghoul friends lurk for answers… 115 грн (только Украина)

  • 96The Thirty-Nine Steps , Buchan John (2012)
    I snapped the switch, but there was nobody there. Then I saw something in the far corner which made me drop my cigar and fall into a Cold sweat. When Richard Hannay is warned of an assassination plot… 378 руб

  • 97Quarantine , Crace Jim (2015)
    With an introduction by Stuart Evers so this is happiness, she thought. Or this, at least, is what adds up to happiness. The prospect of never running after men and camels any more, of being Miri… 774 руб

  • 98Pride and Prejudice , Austen J. (2012)
    It all begins with a letter. Fall in love with Penguin Drop Caps, a new series of twenty-six collectible and gift-worthy hardcover editions, each with a type cover showcasing a gorgeously illustrated… 1100 руб

  • 99Wise Young Fool , Beaudoin S. (2014)
    Teen rocker Ritchie Sudden is pretty sure his life has just jumped the shark. Except he hates being called a teen, his band doesn't play rock, and "jumping the shark" is yet another dumb cliche… 580 руб

  • 100Picture of Dorian Gray , Mann D.
    Dorian Gray might be as pretty as a picture, but he's paid a devilishly high price for it. He'll stay drop-dead gorgeous, but there's something nasty festering in the attic 313 руб