• 91Turner , Bockemuhl Michael (2015)
    As a blind person might see the world if the gift of sight were suddenly returned - this is how we might describe the effect of William Turner's paintings on the observer. John Ruskin, Turner's… 1028 руб

  • 92Berlitz Cruising&Cruise Ships , Douglas Ward (2016)
    If you want a holiday that's hassle-free, virtually pre-paid, and that lets you see lots of places while only needing to pack and unpack once, then you should try a cruise. This best-selling book is… 2070 руб

  • 93Dictionary of Photography , Herschdorfer Nathalie (2015)
    The Thames&Hudson Dictionary of Photography is a landmark publication that encompasses the history, art, and science of photography in a single volume. At a time when information is instantly… 4242 руб

  • 94Unexpected Outcomes. How Emerging Economies Survived the Global Financial Crisis , Wise Carol (2015)
    This volume documents and explains the remarkable resilience of emerging market nations in East Asia and Latin America when faced with the global financial crisis in 2008 - 2009. Their quick… 2321 руб

  • 95Kolyma: Modern Guidebook to Magadan Oblast , Колл.авт. (2015)
    For a long time Magadan Oblast was closed for the tourists. This area, with its marvellous nature and unlimited opportunities was associated only with the Kolyma labour camps. Luckily, the tragic… 455 руб

  • 96The Theology of Arithmetic: Number Symbolism in Platonism and Early Christianity , Joel Kalvesmaki (2013)
    In the second century, Valentinians and other gnosticizing Christians used numerical structures and symbols to describe God, interpret the Bible, and frame the universe. In this study of the… 2547 руб

  • 97Introduction to the Density Functional Method in Hydrodynamics , A. Yu. Demianov, O. Yu. Dinariev, N. V. Evseev (2014)
    Our first book on the applications of density functional theory in compositional hydrodynamics was published in Russian in 2009. Since then we observed a steady rise of interest to our approach. Also… 1510 руб

  • 98Heat and Dust , Рут Правер Джабвала (2000)
    От издателя:Heat and dust - these simple, terrible words describe the Indian summer. Year after year, endlessly, it is the same. And everyone who experiences this heat and dust is changed… 138 грн (только Украина)

  • 99Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour , Дэвид Вишарт (2012)
    От издателя:Cutting through the confusing jargon often used to describe single malts, this book, now fully updated, replaces it with an objective and easily applied guide to taste using a… 1082 грн (только Украина)

  • 100Storyteller of Marrakesh , Юдип Рой-Бхаттачарай (2012)
    От издателя:Each year the storyteller Hassan gathers listeners to the city square to share their recollections of a young foreign couple who mysteriously disappeared some time ago. As… 241 грн (только Украина)