• 81World Stories , Katherine Mansfield, Anton Chekhov, Henry Lawson, Anita Desai, Horacio Quiroga, Leila Aboulela (2013)
    This collection brings together six stories from six different countries (India, Argentina, Russia, New Zealand, Sudan and Australia). They tell the tales of families and individuals, of love, loss… 1069 руб

  • 82Paganism , Davies Owen (2011)
    Paganism is an evocative word that, even today, conjures up deep-seated emotions and prejudices. Until recently, it was primarily a derogatory term used by Christians to describe the non-Christian… 493 руб

  • 83North American Indians , Perdue Theda (2010)
    When Europeans first arrived in North America, between five and eight million indigenous people were already living there. But how did they come to be here? What were their agricultural, spiritual… 493 руб

  • 84The Middle Ages , Rubin Miri (2014)
    The Middle Ages is a term coined around 1450 to describe a thousand years of European History. In this Very Short Introduction, Miri Rubin provides an exploration of the variety, change, dynamism… 493 руб

  • 85Reproductive Politics , Solinger Rickie (2013)
    Reproductive politics is a term coined by feminists in the 1970s to describe contemporary, Roe v. Wade-era power struggles over contraception and abortion, adoption and surrogacy, and other satellite… 821 руб

  • 86Cambridge English: Vocabulary for IELTS with Answers (+ CD) , Pauline Cullen (2014)
    Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS includes useful tips on how to approach IELTS exam tasks and covers especially tricky areas such as the language needed to describe data and processes. It is informed… 1689 руб

  • 87The Glass Flowers at Harvard , R. E. Schultes, William A. Davis (1982)
    These words aptly describe Harvard University's greatest tourist attraction, drawing nearly 100, 000 visitors annually-the world-famous Ware Collection of Glass Models of Plants. To see them at… 320 руб

  • 88Weaponry in Space: The Dillema of Security , Евгений Велихов, Роальд Сагдеев, Андрей Кокошин (1986)
    This book covers the main research by-Soviet scientists, conducted under the auspices of the Soviet Scientists' Committee for the Defense of Peace Against Nuclear Threat, on the consequences of a… 290 руб

  • 89Management , Montana Patrick (2015)
    Many teachers of college-level business courses use titles in Barron's Business Review Series as textbook supplements to illustrate practical examples of business situations. The books also make… 1637 руб

  • 90KET for Schools: Practice Tests: Class CDs Audio (аудиокурс на 5 CD) , Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley (2015)
    KET (Key English Test) for Schools - is the initial test of a series of Cambridge examinations, tests the ability to cope with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level, designed… 3081 руб аудиокнига