• 31The Diary of a Madman, The Government Inspector, and Selected Stories , Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (2005)
    Includes both Nikolay Gogol's short fiction and famous drama. The stories gathered here range from comic to tragic and describe the isolated lives of low-ranking clerks, lunatics and swindlers. They… 806 руб

  • 32Immortality and the Modern Mind , Kirsopp Lake (1922)
    1922. This volume represents the Ingersoll Lecture of 1922. The author does not propose to discuss the details of the questionnaire sent out as an attempt to collect information as to the general… 684 руб

  • 33The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus Of the Order of Our Lady of Carmel , St. Teresa (1932)
    1932. This work is a translation of St. Teresa's autobiographical account of her life, which has been compared with the original autograph text and reedited with additional notes and introduction by… 1318 руб

  • 34The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas , John Boyne (2008)
    The story of "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" is very difficult to describe. Usually we give some clues about the book on the cover, but in this case we think that would spoil the reading of the… 706 руб

  • 35Macmillan Reader Nelson Mandela Pre Intermediate , Carl W. Hart (2009)
    Nelson Mandela was born in a remote Afircan village but went on to become the most influential African leader in history. This Macmillan Reader charts Mandela's journey from childhood to ANC… 667 руб

  • 36Blue Monday , Nicci French (2011)
    Monday, the lowest point of the week. A day of dark impulses. A day to snatch a child from the streets... The abduction of five-year-old Matthew Farraday provokes national outcry and a desperate… 1359 руб

  • 37Depraved and Insulting English , Peter Novobatzky (2002)
    Originally published as two distinct collections, Depraved and Insulting English brings to light the language's most offensive and obscene words - words that have fallen out of today's lexicon but… 988 руб

  • 38SPSS 16 Made Simple , Paul R. Kinnear (2008)
    Offers guidance on the choice of statistical techniques and advice on how to report the results of statistical analysis. This book includes chapters that introduce readers to the use of SPSS 16… 3037 руб

  • 39Starting Skills 2. Course Book (+ Audio CD) , Terry Phillips (2010)
    A new course in the Starting Skills in English series, combining all skills from Part B into one volume. Now with extra material in the form of a Workbook. Have you studied English at school? Do you… 2263 руб

  • 40The Lord of the Rings 1: The Fellowship of the Ring , Tolkien J.R.R. (2011)
    The first part of Tolkien's epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, featuring an exclusive cover designed to complement the new'History of Middle-earth'series. Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to… 621 руб