• 111Interactive Language Teaching , Вильга М. Риверс (1987)
    Teachers and writers describe the approaches and techniques they have incorporated into their own teaching. The paperback edition is designed to help classroom teachers make language classes more… 637 грн (только Украина)

  • 112The Grand Kremlin Palace (1995)
    This is a book about one of the most inte­resting monuments of Russian history and culture - the grand kremlin palace. The accompanying articles describe the pala­ce's mediaeval throne rooms - the… 2400 руб

  • 113The Age of Earthquakes , Coupland, Douglas (2015)
    A highly provocative, mindbending, beautifully designed, and visionary look at the landscape of our rapidly evolving digital era. 50 years after Marshall McLuhan's ground breaking book on the… 1125 руб

  • 114Processing Syntax and Morphology. A Neurocognitive Perspective , Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky (2009)
    This book reviews interdisciplinary work on the mental processing of syntax and morphology. It focuses on the fundamental questions at the centre of this research, for example whether language… 4476 руб

  • 115Linnaeus'Philosophia Botanica (2005)
    Philosophia Botanica (The Science of Botany), by Carl Linnaeus, was originally published in Latin in Stockholm and Amsterdam in 1751. It is a greatly expanded revision of his Fundamenta Botanica… 7521 руб

  • 116Wandering Significance. An Essay on Conceptual Behaviour , Wilson Mark (2008)
    Mark Wilson presents a highly original and broad-ranging investigation of the way we get to grips with the world conceptually, and the way that philosophical problems commonly arise from this. Words… 3401 руб

  • 117The Cybernetic Revolution and the Forthcoming Epoch of Self-Regulating Systems , Grinin Leonid E. (2016)
    The monograph presents the ideas about the main changes that occurred in the development of technologies from the emergence of Homo sapiens till present time and outlines the prospects of their… 364 руб

  • 118Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare. Volume 2 (2010)
    This second part of a two-volume set continues to describe economists'efforts to quantify the social decisions people necessarily make and the philosophies that those choices define. Contributors… 16316 руб

  • 119Mamerot. A Chronicle of the Crusades , Delcourt Thierry (2016)
    Epic exploits. The intrepid voyages, bloody battles and heroic burials of the French Crusades. Completed circa 1474, Sebastien Mamerot's lavishly illustrated manuscript is the only contemporary… 1492 руб

  • 120Общее языкознание , Левицкий Ю.А. (2017)
    Учебное пособие основано на материале курса лекций по предмету "Общее языкознание", который читался автором… 416 руб